My Get transaction Data only loops one mail of a list of emails

Hi everyone.
Well, I’m having a problem getting and processing the transaction item.
I want to have a message box of a certain number of emails, but when i run the process (This is a pic of my GetTransactionData of REFramework) The Process state only process one of the emails and it stays looping only that email.
Any suggestions?

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Hi @Enzo, Welcome to Uipath forum.

Can you please share your workflow file ?


Hi Viswanarahari, Thanks!
You want the whole process? (Main) Or the Get transaction Data and the Process transaction Process?
And, in case you want the Main, I have to share all the project folder? (Sorry, i’m a rookie in this, hahaha!)

@viswanarahari new users can’t do attatchments UwU. I’m sorry, i can’t do that share. V_V

@Enzo, I am also still a rookie since learning new everyday!. No need to share the package at the moment as you said. But lets see if below comment/questions might lead to a solution ?

Normally in a get transaction, there should not be a loop unless I am missing something or you are pulling a transaction based on some criteria withing the loop.

  1. Based on your screen shot, You have a ‘for each’ loop inside a “GetTransaction” block and that might be the culprit per my understanding.
  2. After processing one email(Process block), how are you going to next one ?
  3. Try to put a “log message” activity inside that loop, and that might give a clue to you in the current state.
  4. Is orchestrater is also involved in this ?

There are some more questions but based on your input we can go to next series of steps.

  1. I know That’s the problem… But I dunno what method can use for make each mail a transaction item without making ALL the mails in the same process.
  2. Process State is only a message box that contains the transaction item (The mail or in this case… ALL THE MAILS V_V). The process it’s working well, for each transaction it separates in transaction number 1, 2, etc… The problem is that each transaction only bring back one of the mails in all the transactions (I know that i’m missing something… I might that the problem is in Get transaction item.
  3. I’ll try that.
  4. Nope. In this case, transaction item isn’t a queue item… it’s a mail message… (I know that’s easier only put and add transaction item activity in get transaction Data state and a get transaction item in process state. But i want to do this process without orches…
    And, thanks for all @viswanarahari !

Try to write the message like mail body into log message and see if it write different files each time r you can see the mail count before for loop and see if it has multiple mails in it.

let us know if this helps,
Pavan H

Hey there, @pavanh003 , @viswanarahari, You two have my resspects!
The reason of the problem was a silly thing. He he!
I only added a .count in the Mail List to process the next element and it worked!
I just need to read all the emails only on the first attempt, but I can do that Hahahaha
Thank you very much! People like you make this forum something incredible!
Here’s a pic of the counter :wink:
I hope I can help when I learn a lot more about uipath.
Muchas gracias!


Hi Enzo, Most welcome and Happy to know it is resolved. Please mark this as a solution.

Thanks for getting back which closes the loop in helping each other.

Happy automation!

Next, regarding attatchments, you will be able to get it after some time per this link

Hope that gives some idea.


Well… I have to reach level 1… And the point is… How can i do to see my level? Hahahaha

Look here


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