MY GET OCR doesn't want to recognize the text from the scanned pdf

Get OCR Text ‘AVL_AVView’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

the screenshot of the error I am getting. Another thing this same OCR sometimes recognizes the text but I when I run the program again it throws this error

Hi @lindvni ,
Try using uipath document understanding. Try installing intelligent ocr activities package and try getting text via digitize document activity. In case you don’t get desired results , try using UiPath.Document OCR or UiPath Screen OCR. Both these OCR engines come in separate packages so install them and hopefully things will be fine.

hello @lindvni ,
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The error seems to be related to how you select your target element for OCR-ing in the first place. I see you are in debug mode - please run this test: in the Debug main tab, please activate the “Log Activities” option (big thing that looks like a button in the buttons ribbon at the top), and then Debug your file again. The output pane will also show exactly which activity is then executing. I have a hunch the OmniPage OCR engine is not even executed, as the error is thrown by the parent activity before actually calling the OCR engine.

So I suggest you have a look at how your selector is set up …

Hope this helps,