My client has a question " Is UiPath Qualified/certified to be installed in a multi user terminal server"

We planning to install UiPath in the client citrix and hence the client is asking if it is certified/qualified to be installed in a multi user terminal server.
Please help me with a response

Hi Shammy,

Yes, UiPath Platform can be installed in Windows Server and citrix environments, but there are a few things you have to consider when doing so. Please check the Software Requirements in Studio user guide for more details and workarounds:

In other words: Your software is NOT qualified/certified for terminal-server usage. Otherwise there would be no neccessarity for customers to implement a workaround to get it work.

May i quote you “The first >>problem<< is…”

Binding licencing to machine-names is not professional.

When will be a more professional version available?

We have customers using UiPath on a Citrix farm. Our infra team may help you to do the setup.

There are different setups for

  • FO/BO scenarios (how do you perfom auto-login in Windows scenarios)
  • Persistent vs Non Persistent VDI
  • Persisten vs Non Persistent Machine Names

It works.

Hi Badita,

Our environment does not have internet connectivity. Its a client’s mandate. We work on Citrix. As per the requirements we see on the UiPath regarding installation of UiPath on Citrix. this is what it says:
Robots can be installed in Citrix environments if they meet the following requirements:
• They are licensed through Orchestrator and not locally;
• The machine name does not change every time it is spawned.
Please note that if you license your Robot locally, in the Citrix environment, you have to do it every time you start the Citrix machine.

Can we install an orchestrator in a environment where there is no internet? Is there any other workaround as we want to publish UiPath on the XenApp on individual Citrix HSDs.
Can you let me know a team ( preferably your infra team) with a phone number or an email ID I can get in touch?