My client has a question " Is UiPath Qualified/certified to be installed in a multi user terminal server"



We planning to install UiPath in the client citrix and hence the client is asking if it is certified/qualified to be installed in a multi user terminal server.
Please help me with a response


Hi Shammy,

Yes, UiPath Platform can be installed in Windows Server and citrix environments, but there are a few things you have to consider when doing so. Please check the Software Requirements in Studio user guide for more details and workarounds:


In other words: Your software is NOT qualified/certified for terminal-server usage. Otherwise there would be no neccessarity for customers to implement a workaround to get it work.

May i quote you “The first >>problem<< is…”

Binding licencing to machine-names is not professional.

When will be a more professional version available?


We have customers using UiPath on a Citrix farm. Our infra team may help you to do the setup.

There are different setups for

  • FO/BO scenarios (how do you perfom auto-login in Windows scenarios)
  • Persistent vs Non Persistent VDI
  • Persisten vs Non Persistent Machine Names

It works.