My click activity does not leach to time out

Hi all,

Does anybody know the case a activity stucked and does not leached to timeout??

I’m not quite sure about the reproductive method but my click activity stucked couple of times and that never leached to timeout even I wait 10 or more minutes… I surely checked time out setting but it is default, it mean 30,000 msec.

I assume, there is Click activity target exist so it stopped something inside of click activity, so it won’t be time out as UiPath… It my hypothesis, anyway.

If anybody know the similar case, please kindly send me something information.

Best regards,

Hi @Jumbo,

can you check the selector to the click activity using UiExplorer.


Hi @arivu96,

I don’t but that is logically the same because I tried again after failed but it sometime okay without any change.