My automation skipping steps

Hello everyone!

I have a problem with my project. I need the help of the most experienced.

What occurs:

I have a fill-in process on a webpage, which is done as follows:

1 - Read Cell Activity in a Google Sheet.

Returns a variable that identifies the category of a product.

2 - Click Activity on the corresponding image on the site.

3 - Read Cell Activity to return the product.

4 - TypeInto Activity to enter the product in the corresponding field on the site.

5 - Read Cell Activity to find out if there are more products to be launched.

6 - If Activity to repeat the process, or go to the next step.

It works the first time, but when the loop of this process starts the integration skips the category identification part and goes directly to the product and instead of inserting the desired product inserts the same product added previously.

What may be happening?


Are you executing this inside of a loop? It sounds like the step that identifies the category of the product isn’t triggering, quite possibly because the activity isn’t properly sequenced in the workflow.

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Yes, within While Activity. The curious thing is that in performing the first loop the automation works perfectly. When you will repeat the error occurs. It looks as if the system has understood the task and wants to make a shortcut to repeat the same task.

Considering that the task is not properly sequenced, would it not be a case of error in the first task accomplishment?