My attachwindow throwing error but while validating it is good

My Robot throwing an error yesterday on a activity “attached window” which stop the process.
one day before no error occurred and the process has not been changed.

When i validate the selector it is good, and the highlight is correct. But why did I get this error on this activity.:

message: UiPath.Core.SelectorNotFoundException: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: —> System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: Cannot find the UI element

@pankajs3 - It could be your attach window selector issue.
Can you able to share the attach window selector here?

You can try to remove/uncheck the title from the selector and verify.

Actually i have 4 unattended bot. 2 of them are working good. But remaining 2 bots are giving error of selector.

4 unattended robots are running in same machine? Is robots are sharing same resources?

Can you compare selectors in all 4 robot xaml file or can you able to share the selector sample here?

4 VM are created for 4 Unattended bots.
4 Unattended bots are running from from central orchestrator sharing single package of code.

Can you able to share the complete exception message?

Is bots are using any common share folder/file/resource?

@GBK No bot is not sharing any common folder/file/resource.
Firstly i am running Bots one after close previous running bot. At a time i am running single bot.

can you share the attach browser selector? so tht we can able to find the address the issue.


<wnd app='aaaa.exe' ctrlname='StartupForm' /><wnd ctrlname='contentPanel' />


before this activity - can you do a elementexists activity and check the element is available.

same problem with elementexists. At run time unattended bot do not find that selector. But other 2 bot it is running successfully.

I have many post related to my problem but they did not give any specific solution for that problem.


login to the other 2 bot users → open your application and check → is robot having access or not.

i have checked permission.
When unattended bot run and screen is visible then bot run successfully. But in case of screen is not visible then unattended bot run fails and throw error of selector.

for unattended robot - check the robot settings section “Login to Console” status -.
If its Enabled? - make it disabled and try.

How to check unattended robot setting. will you please describe the each steps.

Orchestrator → Navigate to Robots → select Robot → Click on Edit – Popup → Click on Settings tab → Check the “Login to console”

Yes Setting is disable.

Hi @pankajs3,
selector not found exception can occur due to many scenarios like application might be slow to respond(timeout), application may have some configuration error.
As you are saying the same code works on other VM’s, can you enclose that workflow in TRY block and take exception screenshots to check if the window exists? REFramework does that for us, recommend to check and do the troubleshoot.