MV3 browser extensions are broken when starting Edge v115 with InPrivate option

Hi @prashantP ,

I don’t know if you have seen the update from August 30th, in the original post, regarding the workaround implemented with UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities package version 23.8.0-preview. If you use this package dependency in your projects, you can continue working with the MV3 Edge extension version 23.4.

But if you still have other projects using lower versions of the UIAutomation package, and you want to use the MV2 extension, it is not enough to install the extension directly from the web store. You also need to ensure the native part of the extension (ChromeNativeMessaging.exe) is configured correctly. That’s why it is recommended to install the extension from UiPath Studio.

In this case, you can use these steps:

  1. Install Studio 23.4 and the Edge extension 23.4 (from the installer, or from Studio after installation).

  2. Install the MV2 extension by adding the bhchaenngmlcobfechfkikaofjlmejop extension ID of the 22.4 Edge extension (MV2) to the ExtensionInstallForcelist Group Policy, like this:

If you installed the 23.4 MV3 extension using the Group Policy Offline installation method, you can also keep the ID of the 23.4 MV3 extension in the ExtensionInstallForcelist and just add another String value for the 24.4 MV2 extension. Either method should work.

  1. Open Edge browser, go to the added extension: edge://extensions/?id=bhchaenngmlcobfechfkikaofjlmejop and enable “Allow in InPrivate” option (and “Allow access to file URLs” if needed).

Please let me know if it works.

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Hello, any update to provide ?


Hello @Matt67 ,

Unfortunately we have no meaningful updates.
We’ve received confirmation from Microsoft that they are going to fix this bug, but no estimate for when that is going to happen.

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Hello, we updated studio to 23.10 in our robot that has Edge version after 114 and cannot be rollback, and extension has been updated as well to 23.10.

But workaround with group policy correcting value of ExtensionInstallForcelist

does not work anymore for us,
what is the workaround ? thanks

Hello @Matt67 ,

The workaround with adding the bhchaenngmlcobfechfkikaofjlmejop extension ID to the ExtensionInstallForcelist Group Policy still works. That is the latest MV2 Extension ID for Edge available on Web Store (you can check this List of UiPath extensions for Edge).

I think the problem in your case may be that after the extension update to the new 23.10 version you didn’t reactivate the “Allow in InPrivate” option.
Please verify if “Allow in InPrivate” is checked from edge://extensions/?id=bhchaenngmlcobfechfkikaofjlmejop, and let us know the result.

Besides that, we received an update from Microsoft that this bug has been fixed in Edge v119. As of November 2nd, Edge version 119 is on the Stable Channel and it will be progressively updated for all users. Therefore, once your browser is updated to this version, you will no longer need to use the workaround.

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Hello finally got v119 and everything works as expected, thanks for keeping informed !

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