MutiFactorAuthentication OTP code sent to mail

Hi Everyone,
I have an excel file which has website address, username and pwd.
After going to that address and entering email id and pwd , it is asking me OTP code which is sent to mail.

How can I get OTP code which is sent to my mail .

Thanks and have a great day


Could you please show us the sample otp how it will be?

If possible paste the entire mail here!


Hi, due to security reasons i cannot send u.

May I know to get a code from email which is sent to my email…



The thing is you have to get the Mail by using Filters

To read the mail body You can try like this:


Here we need to do some String manipulation to get the otp!

The pattern of the mail always be same… So, We can use RegEx to extract the data.

we need to pass that variable in OTP Field.