Mutex Exclusion, Concurrent Read/Write


New to UI Path here. We are developing RPA that would run in multiple instances that would read and write in a single google sheets. I am looking for a way to prevent synchronization issue. As a C developer before, I normally use mutex exclusion to prevent the issue. Does UI Path have any method/feature similar to mutex exclusion that we could use?

Thanks in advance for you feedbacks!

Hi @Darth

I am not aware of a feature that would strictly do it, but I registered it as a feature request and it might get implemented in the future :slight_smile: (no promises here, as the product team has a lot to prioritize already :smiley: ).

However, given how UiPath software works, there is always a valid workaround. I hope other users will chime in with possible solutions :slight_smile:
You could give a basic explanation of the Mutex Exclusion and maybe someone would be able to reproduce it with available tools.

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As a workaround, we used different dedicated tab for each robot and just use google sheet formula to consolidate all the robot tabs. We also added column timestamp per process so that the consolidated sheet can be arranged in order.

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