Must reconnect Assistant to get robots to execute as 'Pending Allocation' status haunts Orchestrator

I’ve successfully configured and deployed my UiPath Studio application as a robot on UiPath Orchestrator, but the process remains in a ‘pending state’ unless I disconnect and then reconnect to the machine from UiPath Assistant.

When I reconnect, the process runs on my local machine once, it registers as being successful in the UiPath Orchestrator monitor window, and everything seems to function perfectly. But none of the processes in wait will run until I bounce the connection again.

I did a video on how to deploy to UiPath Orchestrator. You can see this behavior at 8:21 in the YouTube video:

Is it a licensing issue? The apps were of type UiPathStudioPro as opposed to unattended or attended. Not sure if that makes the difference. The installation has two licenses for UiPathStudioPro apps, so it shouldn’t bug out after just one.

Any thoughts?

It would appear that the machine name and computer name were not in sync as part of the problem. The other problem was I used a StudioPro robot instead of an unattended robot. Apparently StudioPro robots are not supported anymore.

I deleted the original video and replaced it with this one which configures everything properly with the classic folder approach.

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