Multipliers not working in Excel

I’m on StudioX.
Here’s the screenshot of the sheet. I’m reading this Excel using Excel For Each Row activity. I want to write a calculated value in Projected Value column for each item. I’m using Write Cell activity in the For Each Row to fill in the Projected Value column. In the ‘What to Write’ field, I do =[CurrentRow] Sale Quantity * 5.21 and in ‘Where to Write’ field, I do [CurrentRow] Projected Value. It shows HResult error / Excel busy error. Why does it not accept a formula ? I need the For Each Row activity for future use

@Prinal_C - So the calc is Projected Value = Sale Quantity * 5.21?? Please confirm

Could you please send the sample sheet?

@prasath17 … that’s correct !

@Prinal_C - Here you go…



Hope this helps…

@prasath17 … Thank you. But I do not get the values as you are getting. I see “4542*5.21” in the Projected Value column. In ‘What to Write’, I select Text and then select Sale Quantity and then type *5.21 . I also tried doing =[CurrentRow] Sale Quantity * 5.21 but it still does not work.

@Prinal_C - Ok try this xaml attached… (101.0 KB)

if run this as is, you will get the projected value column populated.

Hope this helps…

Thank you. I need to update pakage

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