Multiple users sharing robot, no orchestrator

Hi all, I want to install a robot on a remote desktop which will be accessed by multiple users. Is it possible to install shared processes to be able to run for all users?
With community edition I’ve been able to install for user A, but when connected with user B on same machine I can’t run A’s process.

Is there a way to do so?

Thanks in advance.

what components are you talking about? Studio or robots? What do you want to install in this remote pc?

Sorry didn’t explain that. I want to install the robot and a process developed elsewhere.

ok, but how you want your users to be able to run the processes that you publish into this server?

We want to have the process available in the Robot Tray, and be visible for the multiple users. It would be ran only one at a time of course, but we want to have it available for each user.

oh you mean each user will log in with a different login into this machine… I think if you have an Attended Concurrent license, then you can do it…

mmm, no, because they won’t run concurrently. They would be logged in one at a time. I was just told that the license we need is Attender Robot Node Locked. Does this make sense?

You are making confusion because of the license name, please look here:

I’ll check it out, thanks!