Multiple tabs remain open even after using close tab in for loop

I have an assignment where in a for loop I open IE browser, do some stuff and then close the tab. I used ‘Close Tab’ activity to close the tab. This closes the tab, but after counter reaches more than 10 the window/tab still remains open. Due to this multiple tabs remain open and this creates a problem. What is the solution for this?

I am not sure, if i understood this completely. You mentioned that for each iteration you are doing this: Open IE Browser, Do some stuff & Close tab. Then your for loop for that iteration ends and 2nd one starts which repeats the same. If you are already closing the tab at the end of each iteration then how do you have those remaining multiple tabs open? Note that close tab will close only the currently active tab. If you are dealing with multiple tabs for each iteration and just closing the active one keeping the others open, then you may have to figure out a way to close those at that moment. Again, it all depends on the way you want your workflow to run, you may want those to be kept open or closed. You can also send ctrl+w hotkey to close the currently active tab.

Check this thread if it helps:

Rammohan B.

Thank you. ctrl+w worked for me.

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