Multiple tabs opening in click activty

Hey, I am getting same two tabs opening while using click (Double) activity. Does anyone know how to fix it?


Try with single click may be double is creating two tabs


Thanks for reply.
This is app need to opened. Normally we open doing double click. But in automation its opening 2 tabs.


May be with automation its working with single click also…did you happen to check?


@manoj.sharma.a9v What app are you opening? Usually there’s no need to open an application with clicking. Use instead “Use Application/Browser” activity.

This is teamcenter app inside a folder. and it gets opened by double click.
Anyway I am able to fix this issue.
Thanks guys for your support

It’s probably a single click to open.

Its a shortcut of app on my desktop and it opens with double click manually so in automation it should open with same click.
I changed to “Hardware event” in option.
Thanks for idea.

I have another selection issue like how can i expand a folder and select the item inside to open in application.

Then you need to be using the Use Application/Browser activity to open it, not double clicking the icon on the desktop.

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Thank u Paul,
Apart from this, how can i expand folder to select item inside to open in application
Folder has this “>” to expand. This happens in teamcenter.

I don’t know anything about Teamcenter. Maybe if you post screenshots we can help.