When clicking on a link in Chrome, an additional Chrome tab is opened with the same name and title.

I need to click in the second Chrome window, but I am unable to set the selector to reference the second Chrome tab. Because the name and titles are the same, the click takes place in tab 1 rather than tab 2.

Is there an option to use current tab as a selector or is there a different way to reference the second tab?



You can use the idx attribute to click on second tab.Try to use click activity with idx attribute and remove the title and name attribute.

You can use ‘close tab’ activity first, before opening that Chrome tab.
In the properties panel of OpenBrowser, check the NewSession is checked.

Use this case :-
if(Element Exist for chrome = TRUE)
then close tab activity should be call
else OpenBrowser in NewSession


Perhaps this forum topic may help you!

Hi @wbader

Try to send Hotkeys for two switch next tab use (ctrl+tab)

Thanks Amarasto. I haven’t been able to get UI Explorer to show me an idx attribute for either of the chrome tabs. Can you direct me on how to find this?


My issue is that I have to find an element in the 2nd chrome tab. I can switch back and forth using hot keys, but can’t attach to the 2nd tab to do the search. It keeps defaulting back to the 1st tab.

if you want to do a search on chrome tab you cant but if you use IE you can able to search, you can get selector easily

Hi @wbader

Please try to use IE as the browser to find the idx attribute in the selector.

Did your issue got resoved or not

Thanks, it looks like this is the only option. Unfortunately, rebuilding in internet explorer

Unfortunately no. The only option appears to be switching to internet explorer

You can use Click OffsetX and Offset Y to click on target tab number

Below example, I have opened multiple Google.Com site on Chrome and it will always click on the second one. (10.0 KB)