Multiple tabs for same url opening in chrome via uipath

I am trying to open a url through open browser in chrome,but instead of one tab/instance it is opening 2, sometimes 4 tabs for the same url. Any suggestions and resolution on this?

That should not happen. ‘Open Browser’ opens only one tab. Can you please attach you workflow?

Rammohan B.

It doesn’t happen with IE but with chrome I am facing this issue.

Any one have faced this issue or have any suggestions?

Anyone with any resolution for this issue?

I have some problem,if you can ,help! its my email

Any solutions? Having the same problem and must use Chrome

Could it be that you are using a Kill Chrome activity which effectively stops it dead?

Then when Chrome opens up again, the previous sessions are re-opened in other windows due to the non-standard closing of Chrome previously?

Try using close tab or close application to make Chrome close cleanly and see if that helps


got to chrome settings and re configure your browser to work for the situation, if needs be you can install this chrome extension:,to%20the%20blacklist%20or%20whitelist.

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