Multiple subject filters in Outlook Property

Hi Forum Members,

I was stuck in one scenario.

I have to filter mails based on Subject for example

Subject 1 : “Hi” Subject 2 : “UiPath”

I want to extract all the emails in which these keywords are present .

I am trying to give condition in Outlook filter property but facing error.
I am trying to Or statement but it is not working.

Can anyone help ?

Sahil Garg

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Hi @Sahil_Garg1,

Can you try like this "[Subject] = ‘Hi’ OR [Subject] = ‘UiPath’ "


Currently i am using this exp
“@SQL=”“urn:schemas:httpmail:subject”" like ‘%"+Config(“OutlookSubjectFilter”).ToString+"%’"

I want to add one more Or but it is not working.

Can anyone help me regarding this issue.

Hi @Sahil_Garg1,

If you are using SQL query you can try this

“@SQL=urn:schemas:httpmail:subject like '%”+Subject1+"%’ or urn:schemas:httpmail:subject like ‘%"+Subject2+"%’"

Where Subject1 and Subject2 are string variables to be assigned for dynamic strings.

Kah Liang

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Something is wrong with your expression.

It is working, as it is not taking config variable.

Please check it once .


If you wish to use Config file to store the filter I would suggest to approach in a different way.

  1. Create a new entry in your config settings with

name: let’s say “OutlookSubjectFilter”
value: [Subject]=‘Hi’ OR [Subject]=‘UiPath’

  1. In your get outlook mail message filter panel


Kah Liang