Multiple robots 20+ on what type of vm server and maximum sessions at the same time

Need some help with it architecture

Is it possible to run 2 or more robots with one attended license on one vm production environment for example windows 2016

If we want to deploy more then 25 robots on 1 vm environment, what kind of we server do need? windows 2016 or terminal server. and can we run all of the 25 robots on the same time.

Running mulitple robots on de same machine ( windows 2016 example) means that one or more robots need to wait till the other robot is complete, right? And with the maximum session on a vm windows 2016 server means dat 2 robots actually can run at the same time and the rest needs to wait. is it possible to have more sessions open then 2 or do we need a different server? for example a terminal server? or do we need a second vm environment? hope to hear from you soon guys

I need to know if someone helped you as I’m intent to do the same as you with 3: 5 robots at the same VM