Multiple results with same name in csv file

Hi, my process reads a csv file that contains 6 names in alphabetical order. It then searches each name up on a company search website and scrapes the companies the person has relations with. I then save each column into a variable (using assign: var1=row.item(0).ToString etc.) and add it to rows. It is finally outputted into another csv file.
However, only 1 company for each name pops up, although clearly on the website, there are multiple. Anyone able to help?
Thanks in advance


As per the statement what I understood is, you have a csv file with 6 names. You need to read the csv and loop through each item and search in the web portal. There you will get some values and you need to append the extracted value to another excel. Plz confirm this understanding is correc or wrong.

If above, plz follow the belo steps:

  1. Read csv and get the data to a DataTable variable
    2)Open the We b application.
  2. use For Each Row in Datatable activity and loop through each Name.
    3)Extract the value. If it is a Table format or a pattern based, you can use Table Extraction to extract the data. You will get the result as a Datatable variable.
    4)Use Write Range to write an Excel file

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