Multiple Result in for each Row

Hi, Please help.

I need a workflow that replaces the specific text in the message.
Ex: "You’re now registered to TESTRPA1. <ABCD_EFG_AMOUNT_MB_TBD1><ABCD_EFG_AMOUNT_MB_TBD2>

TBD1 and TBD2 will replace by the corresponding service ID that comes from Excel. In excel TBD1 = 1111 and TBD2 = 2222. I did that part already, my problem now is every time I run my workflow, the output result become multiple depends on how many TBD I declare. In my example, I have 2 TBD examples (TBD1 and TBD2), and the output result became : <ABCD_EFG_AMOUNT_MB_11111><ABCD_EFG_AMOUNT_MB_22222>

instead of one line only <ABCD_EFG_AMOUNT_MB_11111><ABCD_EFG_AMOUNT_MB_22222>. Please see below workflow: