Multiple processes design

Hi, I need help in designing a BOT with multiple processes.
I have a Dispatcher BOT which adds data from serviceNow API to the queue

Performer BOT gets data from the queue and creates IDs in Active directory. After ID creation, the BOT should wait for 5 minutes and then proceed with creating mailbox. Next, after waiting for 60 minutes, it sets retention policy for each mailbox.

I need suggestions on how to design this process in terms of number of queues, no. of performer BOTs etc.


I think only on queue is needed and 3 performer bot.
1 queue because because you have option to set priority and postpone items in the queue
3 performer bot(use queue based trigger for this)
1 for creating Active dictory IDs, 1 for creating mailbox, 1 for setting retention policy

or you can have 1 performer bot
and based on condition perform different activities. So while adding items to the queue and one more parameter for checking the functionality

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Hello @kaurM

Is it a priority task? If not, then if there any license constraints you can schedule the jobs at different periods.
1)First job should add all the items to the queue. (Dispatcher)
2)Seecond job to create the details in AD( Here after creating you can either add the data to a new queue or you can keep a excel template also)
3)Third job to create the mail box for all the available items(can use queue based trigger or time based, based on the priority)
4)4th job for setting the retention policy (Here you can use a new queue also, the second job can add all the processed items to a new queue)

Here either you can create multiple queue for each job, else you can create a excel template to track the progress.

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