Multiple PDF files in different format to scrap specified key data

Please do help to scrap the key data for multiple PDF files in different format.i have attached the PDF files.PDF (127.1 KB)

Hi @Thilagavathy_Manivan

Use strarray=Directory.GetFiles(inputffilepath)
Use for each item and pass files
Use open application activity
Use read pdf text with ocr

And extract the data and manipulations


What information do you want from PDF 1,2,3?
I won’t be easy, but I’ll guide you thought it

i dont know to do in manipulations concept

ok …i need invoice no , date,due date, total amount

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Okay, getting to work on all 3 separately then I will work on all 3 at once

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Took some time but here it is.
You can use this to any logic of yours (The rest is easy).
Enjoy your work, and please mark it down as a solution

Big forum (129.9 KB)

BTW you have to install PDF Activities from Package Manager:

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If it’s not working just change the file path to the Read PDF and Read PDF With OCR activities :slight_smile:

Big forum (141.2 KB)

This one is with edited file path


thank you so much.Its working well…i have changed the path files.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Now this is for static values of input.
Further i would use For each to read every pdf from a folder, then use some kind of OCR to detect what kind of PDF file is it (since there are 3 kinds) and apply one of the 3 flows that I’ve created.
Then you would have fully automated solution.

I will work on this when I have the time, it is fun.

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