Multiple ocr outputs

Hi Team,

I have OCR outputs that tries to get taxes. I put them in a try catch just in case if the first 1 was not able to capture it, the 2nd OCR will provide the data. what will be the statement in auto closing message box for me to show it. it seems that im missing something. please check below;

“VAT Charges:” + " " + str_VAT2Res(0).ToString Or str_VAT3Res(0).ToString — this wont work

Please refer the below thread -

Karthik Byggari


Thanks for the callout activity. I can use that in my other sequence. The issue is the coordinates of taxes in invoice varies so i screen scrape two sample of ocr for taxes (str_VAT and str_VAT2) and regex it. what i want to achieve is in case str_VAT unable to capture the tax, str_VAT2 will try to capture. I already got that coveres its just that how can i put those string in a message box since “or” is not being accepted. Thanks in advance