Multiple links and extract the particular element

In this picture , “Company Names” which are written in blue color …it is also a link.

Besides, you also see a next button. So, I have scrapped all the data using next button.

But, now my task is to click on the “company Name” link and extract the “website” from that page. (i.e.

Since, it has 1769 company names ( which i get after data scraping) it can’t be able to open all the links and the site blocked itself immediately.
I have tried this method and after executing it…the site blocked itself.

Kindly, help me with this.

Thank You,
Nirmalya Sarkar.

@nirmalya.sarkar - By looking at the screenshot you are trying in Studio not StudioX. But you have posted your query under StudioX category. Could you please fix that?

For your reference

Hi , @prasath17 , I am working on studio pro community.

@nirmalya.sarkar - thanks for the confirmation. I will fix your category this time but please post it under studio going forward.

@prasath17 , Okay…thanks for the information.