Multiple invoice lines to Excel

Hi guys

Need a little bit of help, i’m new to uipath studio.

I am looking to import a PDF invoice into Xero from a client, xero has a built in functionality that if you follow a certain excel format (attached) CSV it will upload it to its software for you.

The scenario is there are multiple lines for the invoice which is in a PDF format, right now i am using get OCR text to get data from the PDF, then write cell in a get application scope to put it in the right Xero CSV template file. This is fine if the amount of lines are always the same which it wont be.

My question is how can i make the bot/uipath pick up all the lines so that it detects it correctly, if there is 1 or 10 as my current workflow relies on there only being 3.


Hi @Adeel_Ahmed
before getting the pdf text use generated datatable activity and based on delimiter you can use write cell and then read the csv individually

Ashwin S

Hi AshwinS2

Thanks for replying, do you have an example on what you mean by this process? I am new to UiPath so still learning.