Multiple Instances of design studio

Hi can someone help - I need to have a few developers working on a single virtual machine and I am not sure if they all can open simultaneous sessions of orchestrator to do so ? They are accessing through Citrix. Is there a limitation that multiple sessions can’t be opened at same time when configuring processes?

Many thanks !!


Are you using Windows Server 2012 as the OS of the VM? The default limitation will be 2 sessions at the same time. In order to turn off the limitation you will need to activate the Remote Licensing feature which requires a subscription. It does have a free 90 day trial once you activate it though. You can activate it by simply installing the feature on the server through Server Manager. I would recommend consulting your IT server admins who can identify the settings and features you need.

When the machine allows the multiple sessions, each user should be able to open an instance of Studio at the same time.


Many thanks! so you are saying its more a Windows config I need to check-