Multiple Input Files need to add in Single queue

Hello Community,

we have a process which the user will provide Multiple input files and those input files need to process in a single Queue item.

the sample Input file has been uploaded.

every input file excel will have 3 sheets of inputs with the same row Names.
so the user will provide input like 4 Batches per day, every input file will have the same row names only data will change.

can you suggest how to design the logic/condition for the same to add into the same queue name.


Input.xlsx (11.1 KB)

Hi Community,

can anyone suggest the logic for the above scenario?

Hi @chaitanyaKumar

You can read all the data into a data table and serialize the data table into string and upload to Queue, in this way all the data will be added in a single Queue Item.

Thanks :slight_smile:
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Hello Shiny,

is this case matches with the multiple input files, can you brief me how to create multiple input files in RE framework to add to the queue item


  1. Create 2 Data table dt1 and dt2.
  2. You can use get directory to get all the files from the directory.
  3. Take every file and For every sheet , read the data into a data table dt3. and merge to dt2.
  4. Merge the dt2 and dt1 and loop to next file.
  5. At the end you will have data from multiple files in a single data table .

Perform all this in initialization state and in get transaction state Serialize the data table and Push to the Queue

Merge all the datatables & finally save in new datatable then upload data to queue

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