Multiple If or switch



I have an excel file where in column 1 there I have either “Create” or “Update” if it is create I will not do anything however if it is update I need to do activity with below Updations

  1. Address : if it address change the address will be in column 5 else it will be blank in column 5; if the address change i need to do a sequence

  2. Email: if it an email change the email will be in column 6 else it will “N/A” in column 6

  3. Phone: If it is a phone number change and I need update else it will appear as “000000”

I need to do these updations in Oracle and I am doing surface automation

How can I perform above task

first there is a decision box to check it is a “create” or “Update” if it is create in first row it have to go to second row

if it is “Update” in second row it need to check all the columns to see what kind of Update it is, base on the update it have to perform that task

and if any row fails it have to log and go to the next row.

please help I am absolute Newbie

with the flow switch work here?

Please if possible please provide some sample xamls