Multiple if conditions in assign activity

i am working on multiple excels. many vlookups and many contions.
i have 3 conditions in excel like

  1. =IF(AND(AM1=“”,AN1=“”),“DOWN”,“Check”)
  2. =IF(AND(AO1=“Check”,AM1:AN1=0),“Normal”,IF(AND(AO1=“Check”,AM1=AN1),“Stable”,(IF(AND(AO1=“Down”),“Down”,“Check”))))
  3. =IF(AND(AP1=“Check”,AN1-AM1>50),“Scope-1”,IF(AP1<>“Check”,AP1,“Remote”))
    4.=IF(AND(V1<-73,W1<-73),“Poor RF”,IF(AND(V1<-73),“Poor UL”,IF(AND(W1<-73),“Poor DL”,IF(AND(V1=0,W1=0),“Down”,“RF OK”))))

for 1st uipath condition i put in assign activity is

  1. If(AM1=“” And AN1=“”,“DOWN”,“Check”)

but for multiple if condition i unable to find solution in assign activity

@Palaniyappan @KarthikByggari please do the needful