Multiple filter in a Find Children activity

How can we add multiple conditions in a filter of the Find Children activity? I have web pages where I have to look for characters in capital and some with lower cases. I tried with ‘or’ but doesn’t work


It says it needs to be a string, so include the or in the quotes. I’m not that familiar with the filter property… if it uses Regex syntax then the “OR” would be the “|” character, so you can try that too.

Put OR within the quotes so you don’t have multiple strings. The InArgument is just a single string and right now you’re trying to pass 2

I may be wrong but, OR may not work as it takes only one Selector unless something has been modified under the hood.

Another way for your scenario, use in foreach activity without filter in Find Children

child.Where(Function(s) s.Get("aaname").ToString.ToLower.EndsWith("xlm"))


child.Where(Function(s) s.Get("aaname").ToString.EndsWith("xlm") OR s.Get("aaname").ToString.EndsWith("XLM"))


@vvaidya, if I don’t add a filter I get an error


I’m not sure where I can add the code you mention. I’m attaching files for example
TextChildrenMultiple.xaml (8.7 KB)
test.html (5.5 KB)

Use default filter which you get when you do indicate element.

And use the code in foreach activity.



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I see what you mean, thanks

I have tried the above code and it seems to work perfectly, it solved the same problem that I was having, thanks.