Multiple excel data into one excel based on certain logic

Hi Masters,

I have three xls files {first.xls, second.xls, third.xls}
all these excel files have data in columns like this which differs each time in terms of their order
a b c d e
1 2 3 4 5
for sample i had attached for your reference!
Columns order in first file may differ from the second
first.xlsx (8.2 KB) second.xlsx (8.2 KB) third.xlsx (8.2 KB)

I have a target file called Target.xlsx with sheets for first.xlsx, second.xlsx, third.xlsx
but the order in each sheet is different from what it is originally read from each xls.
means the data I read from first .xlsx is column wise a b c d e and I want to paste this data in target sheet where the order is c d e a b. This is the case where the read data in one order and i want to paste the data in a different order .

any suggestion or help would is most appreciated ! Let me know if further.