Multiple error when publishing new xaml in library

Hi! I have a huge problem.

I had a library with around 30 xaml in it. I wuld use them as activities in many other projects. In this way I did not need to invoke each of them.

I have been building this library ober last 2 years maybe. It has always worked well. Whenever I needed to change one of the xaml inside, I would do it, and publish the xaml and so the complete library would go in the cloud and I could use in my other projects using the facility of managing packages. I would upgrade the library package to its new version and that was all.

However, today I have tried to do the same. I have build a new little xaml whitin my library, and when I tried to publish it, the system has started analizing all UiPath projects in my computer and throw tones of validation errors of these projects, which had never appeared before, and so the publishing action has been cancelled. It seems as if all projects had passed through the test of the new Windows No Legacy whatever, and all of them failed.

This is a complete desaster for me. All my work of months is in serious danger. Have you ever had this kind of situation? How did you solve it? Any ideas?

Thank you very much in advance.


These are some of the errors I am facing…


Are you using re framework as a library?

Because i see errors in process not in library can you confirm


we would recommend to analyze the following:

  • ensure that no artifacts set to Windows Legacy targetframework are mixed up with artifacts set to target framework windows
  • ensure that no referenced package versions are done before adding new XAMLs to the Project / Lib

Hi Anil and Peter!

Thank you very much for answering. Actually, it is a bit scaring when you see all these red lines appear in a process taht had previously worked always well…

Right now, it seems that I am being able to migrate all parts to Windows, and so, my project should work as it did before (I cross fingers)…

Thank you very much anyway for your kindness in answering my request for help. I appreciate that.


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I was wrong.

To whom it may concern: I do not know who planned this migration, and I am sure that there were very good reasons to do it, but for me, this migration from Legacy to Windows is a complete, total, absolute, incredible disaster. I feel that I have wasted so much time, weeks, months and years. I do not care what Garmin MAgic Cuadrant says, this is a disaster. I have been working on changing many of my activities. My PC is colapsed, 100% use of CPU and memory, it takes several minutes for each minimum change I try to perform, and at the end, when I was about to finished (because it does not allow you to keep saving your job; if you have a single activity that is not correct in the new framework you cannot save your job, it’s incredible!) it shows a message saying that because of an internal error the program has to be re-started. I have lost all my today’s work. It is a complete and total disaster…