Multiple data table in CSV file



Hi all,

I need to download a huge excel file in CSV format that contains multiple data table. How can I extract each data into a new output file while doing some data manipulation?

Thanks all in advance.




Sorry but I need to create an individual file for each data table after data manipulation for each. Is it possible? Or I could only create excel sheets in 1 single file?



Hello @jasperlzx, could you provide any sample input and desired result?



Sorry I can’t provide any samples as it is my company’s confidential data. My desire result is that I need to do some calculation from the input file which is a csv, format file that contains multiple data table and output them each into individual files that contains the data that is tabulated.



This is just an idea, but if the data contains something like table names or some comments I think we can split it and then convert each one to CSV. But if no, another possibility is to copy per row until the number of delimiters change (will not work if the tables have same number of columns). I think this must be handled when creating the CSV.