Multiple criteria in if

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Can we use multiple criteria in if statement here …


Try this instead of that.

row(“ABC”).ToString = “1” OR row(“ABC”).ToString = “2”

I am getting an error .

In this scenario when the process “2” run the OK Button popup doesn’t appear.The OK Button popup appear just for once.

What to use here…Find Element Exist something like that?


Use Element Exists activity and indicate that pop up. It will give you boolean value as output. If it exists then click OK pop up else skip it.

what should i write on Output Exist box…


Create one boolean variable and write it here.

Is it correct?

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—along your sequence use a ELEMENT EXISTS activity and indicate on the element that we want to check whether it is there or not
We can use FIND ELEMENT activity as well but we can directly get a Boolean variable as output from ELEMENT EXISTS and that’s why suggesting it
—now let’s say the Boolean variable is named OKPopup
—now in the if condition we can mention the condition like this
row(“ABC”).ToString.Equals(“1”) OR row(ABC”).ToString.Equals(“2”) OR OKPopup = True

If it’s true it will go to THEN part of if condition or will go to ELSE part

We can use that Boolean variable as per our need
But that’s the way we can use multiple conditions in a if activity and we can also use AND operator instead of OR logical operators based on our need

Hope this would help you
Cheers @ShreyaSharma


I am curious to know if I want to skip this popup option what would you do…do you use the same formula above

what should be the condition?

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