Multiple Choice Input Dialog to be connected to diff xaml files

Hi, I’m building a bot which has a main file and 4 sub files. I would like to create a Multiple Choice Input Dialog Box and connect the choices to the sub files for example,

Main file Multiple Choice Input Dialog:

  • Environment A
  • Environment B
  • Environment C
  • Environment D

Sub file A, B, C, D are all entire processes on their own. Can someone please help?

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Hello @EcelPalad , Welcome to UiPath Community.

To pass input for main file add an argument to it and while start a job/ adding a trigger you can pass this value.

Inside main xaml, use switch case with the input argument and then invoke the sub file based the input.

Hi @EcelPalad

You can have a Flag of Boolean value for each Multiple Choice , for example Input Dialog multiple choice is selected as * Environment A then you can make the Boolean variable of “A” as “True”

Then you can have a Switch Case and can have Each environment in Each Case.

Video Link for reference,


Hi @EcelPalad

So first have a input dialogue with multiple choice something like this

Then get the input dialogue result of output and use a if condition

Based on the value you recieve , inside an if condition pass the xaml accordingly

For example if environment A

Then. Condition

Pass that sequence A

Hope this helps