Multiple bot in a single machine-parallel processing

I have a bot running on production which generate a report and continuously update it for around 2 hours for a list of items. Whenever an issue occurs (particular web pages taking time to load and bot not able to retrieve data or pdf file corrupted or others many scenario), the report stop getting updated. I have built a bot which can monitor the report continuously and shoots an email alert whenever the report stops getting updated.

Question: Now how i can trigger the second bot from first bot and make it run parallel, and kill once first got seems to be completed its job. Any advice please.

Hi @arpandcool

Since you are using one machine, parallel processing cannot be performed.
Instead make more dynamic timeouts so that bot can wait till the web page loads or you need to code such a way that if the bot fails due to web page error, in the catch block you should perform the actions which are required for your processing.