Multiple bot Architecture & Multiple state machine in RE-Framework

Hi Experts,
Hope you all find,
I have some question about re framework
as uipath provide standard reframwork template, can we create multiple
“Process” state machine in same template and run each process using Boolean trigger argument .
I have business scenario where I have approx 6 process & 5 queues .
Business need solution in one template how it possible any suggestion please.
Business also want multiple bot can use to complete the process.
Is it called multiple BOT architecture or multiple state machine architecture ?
How to customize RE-Framework.

Hi @Aleem_Khan, You might try adding multiple “Get transaction item” for multiple queues in the “Get Transaction Data” state. Then for each data you might trigger the bots in the process state. Not sure about this but you can try.

Hi @Aleem_Khan

How about using Parallel activity in process state!


I would stay away from Parrallel activities, especially for entire process flows / states. While efficient it brings multiple risks in synchronisation, and especially if UI automation is part of the processes. Consider having 2 people each with a mouse and keyboard working on the same desktop…
UiPath automation is somewhat more flexible on this point, hence the existence of this activity, but you’'ll spend more time on resolving conflicts than actual automation.

Parallel is especially convenient if you have to fill out multiple entries in a single form for example (assuming the pre-submit validations in the form don’t throw feedback)

I would also not alter the main architecture of REF. What you describe can easily be resolved with input / dispatcher parameters in the queueitem.

Then, in your single process step, make a flow split based on some transactonItem.SpecificContent() parameter, and create sub workflows there to run which specific your flavour you need at that time.

1 basic REF framework (stick to the standards)
1 queue needed, where the specific content determines which steps to execute
And your retain the flexibility to run this single process parallel on multiple bots for scalability.

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