Multiple Assign Versus Data Manager (numeric vars )

Hi Guys,

NOTE : StudioX !
Not sure if im doing it correctly or possible bug ?

Multiple assign, ( Type is equal to number )
A = 2
B = 4

Write Line Output
A + B = 24

In the data manager these above vars are objects not int32 even though I selected number upon creation.
Only by editing the vars in the data manager by selecting int32 they get corrected as nymeric.

Write Line Output
A + B = 6

Thoughts ?


It could be better to show us the flow how we’re doing?

Try this:


Note: Will suggest you to use the Log Message or Message Box Instead of WriteLine


Hello @MikeC ,

Output =24, Because A & B are assigned as a string. Strings only can join, can’t sum the value. For Example A+B=AB

Output=6, because A&B variable types are int32. Here the number is only possible. Even though decimal is also not possible. So Both values can Sum and get new values like A+B=C, where C is a new value

Gokul Jai


Its just a simple flow, as you can see in the data manager Var A plus Var B are both int32 but they had to be edited in the data manager to perform math correctly.
Var C plus Var D were created in multiple assign using number as type, as you can see the data manager sees as object, not int32.

Screenshot 2022-08-01 153335


Yeah I know that, was asking upon creating in multiple assign and selecting NUMBER it gets ignored and stored as object.

Thanks :grinning:

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