Multilangual Document Classification

hello community

I am working on document classification with uipath
But my documents are multilingual
Is there an option on uipath or a Methos That enable my classifier to understand multiple languages ?

Thanks in advance

You can read everything about the different options of classification here: Document Classification Overview

But as far as I know there shouldn’t be a problem with different laguagues as long as you set up your classifier correctly.

Depending on which classifier you use, you have to add your keywords in different languages (keyword based classifier) or train your classification model on different languages (machine learning classifier).

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have you worked with Machine learning classifier ?
Because i am facing some issues

We usually use the keyword based classifier.

but there is a problem in performance

It totally depends on your document types, sometimes keyword based is enough, sometimes it isn’t.

Maybe make a seperate issue on your ML classifier problem? Describe it as detailled as possible, someone else might be able to help you.
Or create a ticket with the support team.

okay thank you

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