Multibot to single bot and then again multi bot process - HELP

Hello !

I have a scenario where I have to download six files using six bots. Then I have to consolidate them on a single bot since permission error may arise for the file while opening (when done using multibot.).

Then I have to perform macro calculation for it using 6 macros so I have to use multiple bots again and again a single bot to consolidate them.

The operation will be like :
Multibot (download) - singlebot (conso) - multibot(macro) - single bot (conso).

I will be using queue.

A solution or a work around will be highly helpful ! Thank you in advance !

Hi @Muhammed_Atheeque

Please help me understand better what is the issue you are facing ?

Hi @Muhammed_Atheeque,

That’s quite a unique case. Here is a way to implement it:

From Process A (Dispatcher) you will push the details required to download a file to a Queue in Orchestrator.
Process B (Multi Bot Performer) is triggered on multiple bots from a queue based trigger. This process will performs the actions required as per business logic & in the end state it will check if any queue items are in ‘New’/’ In Progress’ State, if there are none it will Trigger Process C by pushing an Item to another Queue which on Queue Trigger will Trigger Process C or You can also use a Start Job Activity (But it doesn’t give you the required control)
Process C (Single Bot Performer) performs the Single Bot Tasks

Hope that helps !

Thanks & Regards,

Hi @GreenTea I have to perform the whole operation which I mentioned above on a single orchestrator trigger on a 2018th edition of Uipath. This is the challenge I have.

Hello Nithin !

Thanks for the detailed answer !!

Unfortunately, we use 2018 th version of Uipath studio and orchestrator - which does not have queue trigger on it, I believe. I should have mentioned it above, apologies :frowning:

I can divide the whole process into multiple pieces and trigger them separately. But it has to run pretty early in the morning, so it would be good if i find a work around to make them run on a single job trigger.

Hi @Muhammed_Atheeque

Maybe you can try assign different priorities and deadlines for the different jobs on the same queue, for example:

  1. High priority with deadline today for download bots
  2. Medium priority with deadline today for first consolidation bot
  3. Low priority with deadline today for macro bots
  4. Low priority with no deadline for second consolidation bot

Note: The deadline can also be today+hours

Please take a look at Maciej Kuzmicz explanation:

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