Multi Region Deployment

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I am reviewing the deployment model with Orchestrator. I understand that Orchestrator can be deployed into multiple data centers / multiple regions. Within Orchestrator, I know that we can create Tenant to separate the permission and access right among the users.

Here my case :

My company is multi country company and there are different data center across different regions supporting different office. In regional office, there will be different department. When considering the deployment model, which option should I choose and what considerations behind each option :

Option 1 : 1 Orchestrator for Each Regional Office (i.e. 5 Regional Office with 5 Orchestrator sitting in their own local data center)

Option 2 : 1 Orchestrator for all Regional Offices (using “Tanent” to separate the access from each region and “Folder” to separate the access from each department under the regional office)

If I pick Option 1, as a RPA System Admin, I need to manage 5 different Orchestrator application. Is seems option 2 is better because I can manage everything in 1 Orchestrator but, will there be any concern about the performance if hosting everything withing the same Orchestrator?

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Hello @bennycc_chan, welcome to the Forum!

Performance can be addressed adding multiple nodes/servers to support scalability in a High Availability mode and I would say this is the best option in terms of maintenance, management, support and governance, however this would limit the type of data you would be storing in the logs and/or queues where you will need to be in compliance with each country’s requirement for data protection.

I hope this clarifies better the two options, and let me know if you want to know more about the second option as there is a lot of documentation available from UiPath

Hi @Jorge_Rincon,

Thanks so much for your quick response and the reminder about the compliance :sweat_smile:. Does it mean that we must separate the Orchestrator instance for each region in order to fulfill the compliance? Or, there is still some way to overcome this? May I ask if you could share me the documentations so that I can review it~~ Thanks so much!!!


A lot of companies opt to go with separate environments to reduce the risks, however it can be done and you can overcome this by having a strong governance in place. Here is a guide to be GDPR Compliance.

The-Road-to-GDPR-Compliance-eGuide-6-Feb-20.pdf (3.0 MB)

And you should start with the Orchestrator High Availability Article here

Orchestrator High Availability

Let me know if you need anything else, happy to help even on a call :slightly_smiling_face: