Multi node Orchestrator Upgrade Questions

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From the documentation I can see that for a multi node orchestrator upgrade we are required to use the command line and cannot just run the installer msi file (Also want to clarify that).

Another question, is it possible to do the secondary node installation first? As we are thinking we can test if the upgrade is successful on our secondary then if so we can upgrade our primary.

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Hi @Barry_Sturgeon1 ,

  • Yes, you will have to use the command line to upgrade the secondary node.

  • Ideally it’s not possible to upgrade the secondary node before the primary. You may be able to do it by creating a database clone and pointing it with secondary and upgrade using this clone. Once you upgrade you will have to point it back to original database of primary after primary upgrade. Again you will have to replace the secondary config files using primary otherwise secondary won’t work. Basically you are trying to upgrade directly but you will end up doing the same activities in an indirect way UiPath has mentioned using command line. Also there is a high chance it will corrupt the other installation related files and UiPath may not support such upgrade activities.

Idea is when you upgrade the primary node, your database also will get updated accordingly. Once you upgrade primary, you need to use the parameter file generated by primary for the secondary node upgrade. Primary and secondary need to use the same database, url related parameters, encryption mechanism, certificate etc to work properly. To avoid corrupting those, we are using the parameter file and in command line we mention the secondary_node = 1, so that the installer can identify it’s secondary node. Secondary upgrade the files accordingly using the parameter file and skip the database upgrade.

Hope it makes sense.


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