Multi Layer Automation


Multi layer is a concept of Parallel Robots running at the same time ~the feature is not available in any of RPA tools which are now in current market i hope ~

  1. Back end data processing shall be parallel can reduce overall time
  2. Continues monitoring Hardware, network, applications etc.
  3. Handling in unknown or unexpected errors in a separate layer to avoid further confusions while coding main activity.
  4. Patch release/update is very easy.
  5. More scope in creating standard robots as add on which are common for a specific application
  6. can see multiple robots are working in different applications same time same system.

and Many…


Is this supposed to work only for background automation?

It depends on the solution,
for example:
Layer 1 - we are planning to check the network connectivity - in background
Layer 2 - Handling Unknown pop ups or windows - in background
Layer 3 - processing data in excel or in DB - in fore ground
Layer 4 - Main activity copying data from an application (one by one) - in fore ground
Layer 5- updating data in another application (one by one record) - in fore ground.