Multi Bot Execution

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if i want to execute same process on different machines and for Robot1 the path of application to be opened is configured in config file. how will it applicable same to Robot 2 because application installation path might be different. what are changes to be done in config file in that case?

Hey @nikhil_sapkal,

In this case instead of having the path in the config file Setting sheet, creat the asset value per robot and use it by mentioning the asset name in the asset sheet.

For more info have a look on this doc:-


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Hi @Sanjit_Pal
I have query on High density Robot.
Can we run same process simultaneously on same machine. Lets say robot R1,R2,R3 I want to run on machine M1 simultaneously. is it possible?

Hey @nikhil_sapkal,

Yes, you can run any number of robot in a signal machine, but you should have different profiles for all the robots and also the RAM size also matter for the better execution.
Have a look on this documentation.


Thanks @Sanjit_Pal
But I remember once i had assigned robot R1 for standard Machine M1 when i went to assign robot R2 for same Machine M1. It showed “can’t be assigned it is already in use”. how we can achieve HDR in that case?

Attached screenshot taken from YouTube where it shows 3 bot assigned on same machine. how it can be achieved?

@nikhil_sapkal ,

As suggested by @Sanjit_Pal you need to have different Login Profiles to achieve this. That said for Robot1 use Service_Account1 and for Robot2 use Service_Account2, this will allow you to configure multiple bots in same machine and also allows you to run concurrently based in your given schedule.

Edit : If you get a message as " already in use" which could mean that bot is already running in another machine, so once bot gets freed try assigning it to another machine.

Let me know if you get any error / challenges here.


Thanks @rohith.prabhu