Multi bot distribution scenario

I have one scenario in multi bot architecture, where suppose we have 100 queue item, there second bot only will start after 10 queue item will be processed by the first bot, and this process would be continued. I hope I am able to make you understand the situation. How can I develop or shcedule the bot in this way.

And one more point add on to this how to stop the bot at particular time of the day, I mean to say how can I set the time at 8:00 pm for example, I want to mention here that “stop after” is not applicable here.

From my understanding, Stop time can’t feed to bot, Instead of that, Design the flow condition that ,
DateTime.Now<08:00 pm
If the time beyond 8:00 Pm the process will terminate, Else process will continue

Hi @learning_sourav ,
If I had to develop the 1st scenario, I would have kept 2 queues, the 1st BOT would would pick items from 1st queue (say Queue A) and add items in 2nd queue (queue B) after processing.
There is a queue based trigger available in Orchestrator, where you can specify when to start the process depending upon the number of items in the queue. In your case, you can add this trigger, specify the queue as queue B and define the number of items as 10, implying your 2nd process will get triggered when there are 10 items in queue B.

For your 2nd scenario, I think @Gokul_Jayakumar 's idea should work fine, where you do a simple time comparison between the current time and your desired time, and create a sequence to end the BOT gracefully

Let me know if this helps

The solution given by you and @Gokul_Jayakumar both are very helpful, but I want to mention if as a scenario here only one queue we have that we need to process according to this condition, is it possible to do the way I am expecting.

One mache there should one bot will run at a time.
In such case, Bot1 trigger 8:00 Am and end the process if transaction reached 10 (or your required amount), Then BOT 2 Trigger at 08:01 AM. If the BOT1 processing, BOT 2 in pending.
Once 10 queue item finished bot will terminate the process, BOT 2 will start running.

Here I have one doubt, if bot1 is starting the queue, and then 8:01 bot2 will start, when the bot1 will finish the current queue then after I guess the bot2 will pick up next queue item, if it is not completed yet 10 queue item, though it will start if I am not wrong, please correct me if I understood wrong this approach.

@learning_sourav Bot 2 will not be processed until the Bot 1 process is finished. Because One machine one bot only can Run. so Bot 2 is pending. Once the 10 transactions are completed BOT 1 ends its process then BOT 2 will run its process.

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great, thanks for the quick responce. I would like to take it as solution.

Thank you once again.

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