Mstsc Process not running unattended

I have a project which runs mstsc process and check a set of Vm’s is Up or Down. i have added it part of orchestrator and scheduled it unattended in a Vm, but the process breaks in between if that VM is not active, where in that case i need to login in to VM and keep the session active.

Is there any way to run the process unattended in the background.


Just thinking it in a different way, Instead of connect and check the VM’s using Mstsc, you can ping all the VM’s one by one, if the ping status is okay, then the VM is up and running state.

Are you using RE Framework for your current process, you can give a retry scope for that, else if error when you not able to connect with a VM.

Ping option is disabled due to security reasons,
i am not aware of RE framework, i just using Start process activity and using get ocr text activity to find out if any error thrown or not when connect button is clicked.