MSI Installer Disappears for Community Edition


I have read and attest that my computer qualifies for both hardware and software requirements (except I dont currently have installed a microsoft office).
So when I start “uipath studio communitiy.msi” after the authorization screen, installer just disappears without any log or output.
I am using Windows 10 and trying to install the v2022.10.

Thanks for any help in advance

Hello @Yusuf_Caglar

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Are there any software restricting your installation? Softwares like Zscalar or anything else?


No there aren’t.
I had to use an MSI EXTRACTOR program to be able to use the program.

Rahul Unnikrishnan via UiPath Community Forum <>, 21 Kas 2022 Pzt, 08:39 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

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