MS - Word and PDF comparison

TEST FILE.xml (110.5 KB)
Hello Guys,

In my project, I need to compare the text present in word/pdf(source files) with another pdf(target file).

How can I do this? I tried using word application scope activity and readtext activity, it stores the whole text as a string.

For ex: StrLines.indexof(“Currency”) returns 540 as output but when I try StrLines(540).toString, it prints only “C”

Actually I would like to look for a specific field like Currency(Currency:USD) and store it in excel.
Once I read the word doc and extract the specific fields, I will do the same for PDF file and extract the relevant fields (Ex; Currency: USD)
And look for match between Word doc and PDF file ( Is USD == USD?) if yes, do something, else notify the user that there is no match

Can you please help me on how to extract a specific text along with it’s value and store it in excel? how do I start and some functions which I should be doing? Please find attached the file to know how it looks.

I am not looking for a solution but an approach or suggestions which can help me get started.

@kaderms @Santan_Barnwal @loginerror @ClaytonM - Guys, can you please help me with this? Or can you please share a sample xml file? I recently completed my certification and learning through this forum. Any help would be highly appreciated.

@Selvasathappan Read your word file split that text with respect to “Currency:” then split obtained output array(1) with respect to NewLine, u will get new array, newArray(0) contains required value(i,e USD)