MS office license usage with Unattended Robot

Regarding the MS office license usage with Unattended Robot, have you ever heard there are some limitations as shown below:

“Office 365 ProPlus” is designed for use by humans not Robots, where using (Unattended) robots with Office 365 ProPlus and Shared Computer Activation isn’t regarded as compliant.

Thanks for the information. Can you share the link for this?

I am not aware of these limitations but would like to know the best approach especially when using high density robots

We have heard it from MS sales person, and there is not link (no official announcement from MS). That’s why we ask whether there are any others who are aware of this limitation, which should affect unattended RPA projects of other companies as well.

Hi @dineshary.
Do you have any further information regarding this?
And are there any limitations to the use of O365 activites based on the Office license for the robot user?


O365 works well for the robot user. I dont have much information on the limitations. May be microsoft wants to restrict the support in such cases.

Are you using O365 apps with the robot user or the O365 cutom activity package in Go? If the component in UiPath Go meets your requirement, it is the best option instead of the O365 app interaction.


From functionality point of view, O365 works without any issues so far. MS pointed out this is just a violation from License point of view and no support if any issues.
They have amended our MA to accept this condition, but offered much higher rate for Robot usage purpose.

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