MQO Source error - cannot find UI element -Works perfectly fine and then all of sudden fails

Hi there,

I’m a newbie to UI path.

I am running a live process which works perfectly fine but all of a sudden it errored out saying -

  • " Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: " => for our internal application
  • "MQO Source: Click ‘menu item Save as’. Message: The UiElement is no longer valid. " - at Microsoft edge while saving something

And, when I ranagain after it errored out, it worked perfectly fine.
What can be the reasons of these unexpected errors occurring sometimes ?

The element selector you are using is not stable, use UIExplorer to see what the actual selector is

Can you post the selector string here? There are some attributes which are making the selector vulnerable. Check if the selector is getting changed or not in every run.

This it the selector for ‘Save as’ button while saving the excelsheet from google drive -

This selector doesn’t change in every run

Pls paste the selector code or screenshot here. We will be able to identify the issue if any exists.

Sorry my bad I thought I posted the code in my last reply. Well below is the code:

ctrl name=‘Context’ role=‘popup menu’
ctrl automationid=‘53409’


The above line of code could be culprit. The id might getting change some times and it fails. Check the id when the process fails to execute. Also make sure you are using UiExplorer for selectors.

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